Psychotherapy and Meditation


By Arnab Datta, MD
Published on Feb 17, 2023


Psychotherapy and meditation in combination is the secret to changing behavior and character for the better. In therapy, issues are discussed and re-framed. Meditation, when practiced daily, internalizes these changes; this takes practice and is easier said than done. EMDR is added to treat trauma and release it during meditation.

Meditation is not about shutting the mind off. Meditation is about letting it be, letting go and arriving at a more peaceful silent place in our mind. Dr Datta can help you do this. Our mind can be an asset, helping solve problems and focus on tasks. However, our mind is not an asset when we worry too much, ruminate, are suffering from addiction, or having delusional thoughts. A significant theme in establishing sound mental health is allowing our mind to be our ally.

Meditation is an abstract concept. Here’s one of Dr. Datta’s favorite metaphors.

A metaphor of the ocean is widely used to describe meditation. Meditation is often likened to the ocean’s surface, where life’s daily concerns are like waves; the wind will always continue to blow and the surface of the ocean will always have waves. By closing our eyes, slowing our breath, and entering a meditative state, we access deeper layers of consciousness, akin to a calm ocean depth. However, our mind and consciousness are more than that. Once we close our eyes (sensory deprivation), breathe more slowly and deeply (calming lower respiratory rate), we start to mimic the effect of sleep (the transcending of consciousness). Our brain waves change and we begin to access a different part of our consciousness. If we hold this technique (for 7-10 mins) then we sink deeper into part of our consciousness. Eventually we arrive at a calm and still place that is different from the frenetic waves on the surface. In therapy, we re-frame issues preventing them from resurfacing unexpectedly. Psychotherapy and meditation combined offer a powerful transformation.

Finally, through meditation, you can let go (or surrender) of that pain and

change yourself for the better. Mental health is improved when both psychotherapy and meditation are used together. Psychotherapy helps re-frame issues and in time it becomes second nature. Over time meditation helps integrate these psychotherapeutic intellectualizations and discussions into the heart. Finally, the most abstract concept of all, EMDR mimics REM Sleep; which is the path into the unconscious mind. Where negative experiences and traumas can be released and new life lessons learned. Medications are used as a tool to hasten this change. In Dr. Datta’s practice is a very customized treatment that is different for each person.
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Dr. Datta also uses customized visualization exercises to help patients accomplish their goals. The visualization exercises are what athletes do before a big game or match. It’s about letting go of fears and negativity and visualizing success, however in a very customized fashion for the specific events in your life. Dr. Datta creates custom exercises to meet your specific needs, to enhance your psychotherapy experience.
Holistic Medicine (some are over the counter):
Dr. Datta has obtained additional training to recommend natural/over the counter/non-allopathic medications to be used alone or with your medications to optimize your medications and diminish side effects. Conditions like DepressionADHDAnxietyOCDPTSDCannabis Use Disorder, Insomnia, Impulsivity/Anger Management have been successfully treated with this method. Dr. Datta is happy to clarify these methods and share the research as well.  Dr. Datta neither endorses, nor is he compensated by any pharmaceutical company or private supplement company.

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