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Collaboration With Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners & APNs

Dr. Datta is an MD who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of mental health care are invaluable assets.. So there’s no need to see a separate psychologist, Dr Datta can take care of your therapy needs. A common question is; what other kinds of therapists are there? There are many levels of therapists. Phd, PsyD, MD and DO are usually the highest level of doctorate practicing psychotherapy. There are social workers LCSW or LMSW who can pursue a doctorate as well.

Collaboration With Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners & APNs

Collaboration with Psych NPs and APNs

Arnab Datta MD teaches and collaborates with Psychiatric-Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurses (PMH-APRN). Aka Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and APNs.

Dr. Datta teaches psychiatric med management, controlled substance med management, a variety of psychotherapiesaddiction treatment, family and couples therapy as well as meditation and EMDR.

Dr. Datta is currently the medical director of 3 clinics in New York City and has his own multi state psychiatric private practice. Dr. Datta is  licensed in the states of New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida and Illinois.

Making an accurate diagnosis: There are erroneous diagnoses that patients are carrying. This leads to incorrect or superfluous medication management. For example, one of the major diagnostic oversights is the following. There are patients who carry a diagnosis of SchizophreniaBipolar Disorder or Schizoaffective disorder but actually have a constellation of Trauma history, Personality Disorder Trait and Addiction. The patients are on and have been through a slew of meds. Dr. Datta helps NPs understand the patient by gathering an empathic history so these patients can be understood correctly and treated accurately.

Medication Management: Dr. Datta teaches NPs the nuances of both regular medication management as well as controlled substance medication management such as benzodiazepines (xanaxklonopinvalium), stimulants (adderallritalinvyvanse) and suboxone. Dr. Datta completed two fellowships in addiction psychiatry where the training in controlled substances were robust. Dr. Datta also teaches how psychotherapy and emotions are connected to the medications patients are prescribed. Even though Dr. Datta teaches med management, he helps patients find the solution emotionally so they can eventually be off meds. See Philosophy of Medication Management.

Psychotherapy Techniques: Dr. Datta believes that personality, character and life experience is directly related to a person’s psychology and the medication they are on. In the context of discussing patient cases, Dr. Datta teaches the following psychotherapies: psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, family and couples therapy. Dr. Datta believes that in the field of mental health, the focus should always be on understanding and emotional healing. However, there are people who have done genuine therapy for years and are having difficulty breaking through a wall. Medications help get you there efficiently when psychotherapy is done in tandem. Then there are people who are just fine with psychotherapy alone. NPs are shown how to treat each patient in a customized individualized way. Please see Philosophy of Psychotherapy.

Emotional, Psychological self reflection and Burnout Prevention: NPs can discuss their counter-transference toward their patients with Dr. Datta. Transference is also discussed; which is how the patient feels about the provider. Dr. Datta had his own psychoanalysis outside of his residency and fellowship training. NPs can discuss psychotherapeutic issues in their own life with Dr. Datta. This is done because the emotions of both the Provider and Patient play a role in the psychotherapeutic/psychiatric space. Our patients make us feel a certain way sometimes. NPs learn about boundaries so they can maintain their cool and maintain composure in difficult patient cases. So that NP can be strong and balanced and the patients are heard and taken care of in a highly skilled fashion. Here, there’s an importance of self-care and stress management for the NPs.

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Lead Psychiatrist, Owner

Arnab Datta, MD

Dr. Datta is board certified in Adult Psychiatry and Addiction Psychiatry. He received his residency and fellowship training in New York City. Dr. Datta was the medical director of addiction services at St Joseph Hospital in Yonkers New York for 5 consecutive years (from 2016-2021) – where he started a suboxone and vivitrol program to treat substance abuse. Currently, he’s the medical director of 3 clinics in NYC; Revcore, Silverlake and GMHC. However, he also practices in the states of New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, Illinois as well as New York.

This is Dr. Datta’s private practice where he provides comprehensive care in medication management, psychotherapy, family and couples therapy, addiction treatments and meditation techniques from the comfort of your own home. If you feel Dr. Datta can help you, call at any time to schedule a free discovery call. We will answer questions about the practice and regarding the fees.

Dr. Arnab Datta, MD - Psychiatrist in USA