Philosophy Of Medication Management


By Arnab Datta, MD 
Published on Feb 17, 2023

Philosophy for Medication Management

Dr. Datta provides both medication management and talk therapy.

Dr. Datta is a General and Addiction Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist located on East 44th street and 5th avenue in Midtown, New York City near Grand Central Station. In addition to being licensed in New York, Dr. Datta is also licensed to practice in other states such as New Jersey, Illinois, Florida and North Carolina, Illinois. Dr. Datta has a location in Manhattan, Hoboken, Chicago, Miami and Raleigh. Please call to see if Dr. Datta can treat you in your location.

Dr. Datta provides medication management, psychotherapy and meditation. He practices a variety of psychotherapies such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing and family and couples therapy. He provides specialty injectable medications such as vivitrol and sublocade for addiction patients, as well as suboxone treatments.

Dr. Datta is psychopharmacologist and a controlled substance specialist who integrates psychotherapy into the treatment.

In this practice you will receive a well-rounded understanding of your issues. If your medication regimen is complex, Dr. Datta will conduct a detailed review of medications so that it all makes sense. Dr. Datta will take into account the treatment you’ve received before. He does not reinvent the wheel if it’s not needed. He is interested in what you learned from your last provider and how he can help you fill in the gaps and continue your treatment in a fresh new way. Arnab Datta MD is like a private detective hired by patients, families and groups to remedy shortcomings in a diagnosis, medication regimen or psychotherapeutic results. Whether it’s in person or on video chat Dr. Datta strives to fill in these gaps in your mental health treatment.

Whether you are new to psychiatry and psychotherapy or you’ve had other doctors before; Dr. Datta can explain why each doctor had a certain rationale. Dr. Datta strives to connects the dots and provide his patients the full picture of what’s happening in their life, why it happened and what is the best course of action. Dr. Datta also provides holistic care such as customized meditations and EMDR. EMDR is not only for Trauma survivors, it’s also for people who need to let go of a negative habit or memory so they can change for the better.

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